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Haugesund (City)

Haugesund is a small city based around a single industry: trade. As a result, the city’s markets, inns, and port are always active. Sailors from throughout the north seas stop here to replenish their supplies, making it a hub of people and goods. The city is about a half square mile, its farmland stretching up the Rusty River; the farmland totals in at about three square miles when all of it, village farms included, are taken in to account.


There are over 1,200 people in Haugesund, ranging in age, race, and occupation; it is a mix of transient peoples and permanent residents. Approximately 1,500 are farmers, 600 are miners, and 600 are lower class tradesmen. The military strength of the city is 240, split among city guard and actual combative strength; the majority of the military is used for security of the near seas as navy marines. The majority of the populace is half-orc, dwarf, and human. Other races are uncommon sights but are not unheard of.


---Weapons/Equipment =The Ironhand Forge is run by Thulrigg Ironhand, and employs both dwarves and humans. Their main export is farming equipment, ship fittings and small metal bits (ex. Buckles and bolts), but they are more than prepared and willing to produce arms and armor on a moment’s notice. Their work is top notch, and they can produce special weapons with enough time and money/resources. =Big Grey’s Smith is run by Ghamag Nulokeaku, and produces specialty and/or oversized equipment; he is more of an engineer than a smith, but he does the job of both. Ghamag receives large payouts for each job, though they do not happen on a consistent basis. Ghamag’s list of items usually includes ballista, greatswords/axes, lances, and other oversized equipment, including armor; most of these commissions are for seafaring ships to roll into Haugesund’s port. To support his hefty work projects, he employs a number of assistants/apprentices; without them, Ghamag would be drowned in work, almost literally considering how often he’s on the docks =William Coperius owns the store with his namesake, Coperius Trading. He has almost literally everything, from fruits and vegetables to arms and armor, the latter of which are mostly from overseas. His shop even has a small section for mystic tomes and books of magical knowledge, which are quite pricey but very lucrative. He provides almost all of the foreign goods in town. Players can find the same list of “nearly everything” in his shop, including magical potions and weapons. ---Food/Lodging =The Cleaver Inn and Tavern is, in a word, oversized. However, because of the large transient population of Haugesund, the place is always packed. They provide everything from lodging to food, entertainment to information. Partially constructed from the hull of the the Cleaver Pirates old ship, the Carcass, the inn has more than enough room to accommodate over 100 guests. ---Potions/Magic =Ozana Deadleaf is the town’s primary apothecary and magic user; her shop is ominously called Blood Magic, but do not take the store at face value. While she does produce a large variety of status restoration potions and is skilled with healing spells, her favorite pastime is poison making. Her poisons are as deadly as they come, and she can ever provide enchantment for certain classes of weapons so that they, too, deal poison damage. Wearable Goods =Bryn Gallig owns Lovely Fabrics. She is an expert seamstress who makes most of the clothing sold through the town, especially for sailors. However, what makes her stand out amongst tailors is her dabbling in the mystic ways; some of her clothing serves as her experiments. She can do very minor enchantments on a number of her garments, including capes, tunics, cloaks, trousers, etc. Her favorite and most popular item is a cloak she calls a Shadow Shroud, which helps hunters stalk their prey. ---Beastiarys =The stable is run and, more or less, owned by Gennan, one of the few elves in town. His way with animals solidifies his position as beastmaster, and he treats all animals under his care with kindness and love. Gennan is responsible for any transactions involving the selling or buying of animals, and as such he has a few sturdy horses on hand at all times. He has also tamed a handful of hawks, which are also available for sale.
Characters in Location
Baerdrin Ironhand
Thulrigg Ironhand

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