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Baerdrin Ironhand

A dwarf of friendly demeanor and considerable wealth, he is the mayor of Haugesund. He was voted into this position because he was the town’s most notable resident, owning a number of the mines in Vossevangen that do trade with overseas merchants. To be fair, he does not do much as mayor except review and approve/reject trade agreements; however, his position allows him many privileges that PC’s may find useful. As mayor, he owns the respect of the residents of Haugesund, as well as knowing the surrounding areas and their problems like the back of his hand. Look to him for contract hiring and notes of safe passage.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

As the mayor of a major trade hub, Baerdrin is always well clothed in fine fabrics, and usually wears jewelry of some sort. Regardless, he likes to keep his hair in place with a modest iron circlet with gold inlays at all times.

Current Location
Haugesund (City)
Piercing emerald green, bright and charismatic
Dark grey beard and mane of hair

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