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"The concept of portraying evil and then destroying it - I know this is considered mainstream, but I think it is rotten. This idea that whenever something evil happens someone particular can be blamed and punished for it, in life and in politics, is hopeless." -Hayao Miyazaki   In the world we live in, there is sadly no true definition of "good" and "evil." John Stuart Mill defines "good" as bringing the most benefit for the most people; but if you kill a man to give his organs to the needy, is that truly good? Or perhaps Aristotle was right, and anything that gives the greatest pleasure with the most moderate of means is the right definition of good? Ask two people what they think of as good and evil; you may find that they may have the same direction, but no specifics. Such is the world we live in, where nothing is defined and everything is debatable. There is no absolute, but merely an interpretation.   I made Odira as a reflection of the state of humanity as we know it. Everything is grey, with lines drawn between right and wrong every day, but in different places for different people. It is a warped mirror, and the geography reflects it; empires that once existed on Earth are brought to life again in Odira, but now they stand at odds in one place in time. The powers of the world draw their lines between good and evil in the sand, and as such these lines can blown away with but a breath. When they are redrawn, where they will lie is in the hands of he who holds power.   Odira is here to remind you that civilization favors the strong. Civilizations favor those who rise up and take their destiny in their own hands, for nothing is written in stone. We see enough so-called miracles and phenomenons in our lives, taking people from gutters to mansions upon the virtue of relentless pursuit of power. Many of the people of Odira, and the players that might find themselves there, lack such power and will never gain it unless they have the drive and commitment. Players should be reminded, time and time again, that they aren't even fish in a vast ocean, but plankton. They should come to recognize that there are titans in the waters, titans which consume plankton without a second thought. Until they recognize that the world is cruel, your players will never change; desperation will open their eyes. Desperation will become a catalyst, leading to who they will become by the time they stand toe to toe with gods.   This world is not kind. This world is not straightforward. Such is the intent. But, as with everything, content need not stay in its original form. The current classification of Odira is a combination of high and low fantasy, with brutal characterizations of anything that breathes but also the grandeur of might and magic. It is meant to be manipulable, with people and places to change and modify to your liking. When you take this world into your hands, you can kill even the gods.   Enjoy Odira. May it treat you well... or bane your very existence.