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The burnt falcon and the crystal heron

In Kysan (and general Garyialan culture), the burnt falcon and crystal heron are seen as the first nelin and even as the first gods. Together, they eased the chaos on Odezia, making the land habitable.
It is said the burnt falcon and crystal heron still keep an eye on Odezia once in a while. They can sometimes be seen in the night sky as a bright light bursting into existence and slowly fading out with a long bright tail trailing behind.

The universe and Odezia are born

The void; a dark endless craving. It surrounds us all. When you look up at the sky, day or night, you can see it dimming at the edge of your vision. Years and years ago, in the centre of that vast darkness was born our home, Odezia. Before our planet became what it is today, it was governed by pure chaos. Erupting volcanoes, destructive storms and flooding rivers were daily events. Every day, all day.
At the far edge of the universe, on the border between our plane and the void, when just the faintest bit of light hit it at exactly the right angle, the burnt falcon and crystal heron came into being. These two majestic creatures soon found their way to our planet of chaos, for it was the only place where life was possible. As they flapped their wings the destructive winds laid down, and from the eye of the storm Ynlaran was born. And as the burnt falcon swooped and screeched the volcanoes became quiet, and from the magma Nylena was born. And as the crystal heron stood motionless in the water so became the rivers still, and from the water Qhenenar was born. With a last screech and swoop, the burnt falcon and crystal heron left the planet to bring balance to the chaos across the universe. The left their children to govern the planet and bring life.

Festival of Creation

On the sixth day of MONTH4, the creation festival is held, and the burnt falcon and crystal heron worship ceremony takes place at Kysan temples. During the ceremony, the three elements of the mortal realm (fire, water and wind) are offered, and the two nelin are thanked for calming chaos and giving life.

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