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Ordall Marvo Nisent

Hey! This article is about me!
— Ordall Marvo Nisent, realm guide

The extremely attractive, enthusiastic naturalist, avid antiquary, passionate curator of knowledge of Odezia, the universe and everything, and the only being ever granted the title guide of the realms of here and yonder, Ordall Marvo Nisent, is most definitely one of a kind.

What started out as a simple hobby of acquiring knowledge about everything historical and natural and political and mystical, quickly developed into a vast and valuable collection of records on all things Odezia and the realms beyond. Now, next to documenting their astonishing wisdom, O. M. Nisent guides new souls around the realms, mortal and above and below.
A guided tour by O. M. Nisent is extraordinarily special compared to journeying with any other guide, for O. M. Nisent has knowledge beyond the imagination of any mortal. Their wisdom exceeds that of plant, animal, person and god, and their words and advice should not only be taken by heart, but also by mind.
Most importantly, what makes O. M. Nisent such a great guide, apart from their marvellous insight into things people have long forgotten or have not yet a glue of in this day and age, is their charismatic character and great sense of humour, if I say so myself.

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