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29th Rest, Year 3 A.H.

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Odeon, a world created by and for Od, The All-Father. It is a young world, birthed a mere 3200 years ago to serve as Od's new domain. Over the course of its time, the world has had many battles and world-changing events, however none as severe as the Age of Conflict. An age where the Pantheon of Light and Darkness battled across the landscape with such ferocity, that it began to tear the world apart.   In the years since that time, the All-Father Od and both the Pantheon of Light and Dark no longer walk the land. As if they vanished from this realm for reasons unknown. Some believe in the writings of ancient scripts in that Od lies in a deep slumber, having exhausted all his power to banish both Pantheons from Odeon. However, in recent days the devout followers of these gods began to speak of their resurgence. As if their essence has returned to the realm and some even claim to have spoken with the gods themselves. Shockingly, the one thing that followers throughout many religions agree, is that there is encroaching darkness upon them.   In recent days there have been rumors throughout the world that a sporadic few truly devout followers of these gods have begun to produce miraculous feats. Feats of both immense might and magic that had never been mentioned throughout history. Why would the long-forgotten gods of the realm suddenly have returned? Why are these devout chosen displaying such supernatural abilities? Time will tell of course. We just hope that in a world filled with countless wars as the races of Odeon battle over land and title, that when whatever evil is lurking in the shadows emerge, that there would be heroes to come to the defense of our world.