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Twinkle Mead

"I can't wait until our 16th birthday when we can try Twinkle Mead!"
"Yeah, me too. It's so pretty."
--Conversation between Talamar and Kalamar
at the Fall Apple Festival in 2000AG

  Twinkle Mead is made from Sparkle Honey, which comes from Lightning Bees. The mead is mostly made in Applefield, but is drunk all over Octiragrin and is exported all over Octiria including down the Fire Silk Road. A competition occurs at the Fall Apple Festival to choose the best brewer of the year who is honored with blue ribbon labels for his/her bottles.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Due to the sparkling property of Sparkle Honey, Twinkle Mead does what its name implies--it twinkles. It also effervesces. Depending on the ingredients and the process used to ferment it, Twinkle Mead ranges from roughly the same alcohol content as an average ale to as potent as an aged whiskey.

Manufacturing process



It is fairly significant since it is often the first alcolic beverage sampled by a sixteen year old on their coming of age day. Sixteen-year-olds are usually started on one of the less potent vintages (unless their drinking companions have a particularly malicious or pranking nature).
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Current Location
It is somewhat rare due to the fact that it is only found around Applefield. It depends on the production of Sparkle Honey by the Lightning Bees.
Usually sold by the pint or cask
Raw materials & Components
Sparkle Honey, water, yeast, spices, fruit, grains, and/or hops


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