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Dewdrop Inn

The Dewdrop Inn is a large building of two stories located in Tirfalon. It is owned by Edgar Radcliff. The Building has a large common room with six private dining/meeting rooms bracketing it. The kitchen spans the entire back of the building. The second floor is open above the common room providing a view down into the first floor and a gallery with sleeping rooms surrounds the atrium.

Purpose / Function

The Dewdrop Inn provides a place for fellowship, entertainment, and hospitality to travelers to Tirfalon. It is also a curiosity for tourists.


  • 1850 - Gumdrop Inn founded
  • 1900 - Inn cursed and became Raindrop Inn
  • 1950 - Magic diminished and became Dewdrop Inn


When the inn was founded it was built with wood and had a thatched roof. After the mage cursed it to be rained on, the thatch had to be replaced so often that a peeked roof with a skylight was added and wooden shingles were used. Recently, the structure has been partially rebuilt of stone and brick an the roof has been tiled in clay and the skylight updated with better glass.


In 1850 AG, Grover Radcliff decided to retire and leave his inn to his two sons. The sons, Elgen and Edgar had a difference of opinions on how the inn should be run. Edgar left the original inn named the Lemondrop Inn and went across the street and started his own inn and named it the Gumdrop Inn. The inns are still both going strong under the management of their descendents. The relationship between the innss' proprietors are mostly amicable now.

In 1980 AG, a mage by the name of Malingar was staying at the inn. He was dissatisfied with the accommodations and asked for recompense for his complaints. The owner of the inn refused to make good on the unjustified claims of the mage. In retailiation for this affront, Malingar cursed the inn to be perpetually rained upon during the morning hours every day. He also hated mornings and people who dared to be cheerful at that time. So, he thought this to be a just curse. As a side note, Malingar was so notorious that there is actually an inn named for him. It's the Crotchety Mage Inn.

In 1950 AG, the owner was fed up with the rain and the grumpy people so he decided to try to get the curse lifted on the inn. He hired a mage to attempt the lifting. The mage was only partially successful diminishing the rain to a light dew every morning. This was the best he could do as the curse had been an especially powerful one. The inn owner was much happier and it meant that tourism didn't drop because there was still a curiosity.


After the mage cursed the Gumdrop Inn, tourists have come from all over Octiria to see the strange spectical of rain falling on a single building. This has given the Dewdrop Inn a lead in popularity over the Lemondrop Inn.
Founding Date
1850 AG
Alternative Names
Raindrop Inn, Gumdrop Inn
Parent Location


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