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The OCEAN'S DIVIDE campaign takes place on the planet called TerraNautica. TerraNautica is a world mostly full of bright blue ocean, clear and fresh, with only sub-sections of the ocean being saltwater. The few mainland continents are more similar to islands than land masses. Many of the islands of TerraNautica are scattered, with huge gaps and deep trenches from the planet’s tectonic plates being shifted. As life evolved on this ocean ridden space rock, many different creatures came with it, and a wide variety of humanoids came to be. Although this is true, many of the different species were spread apart, kept isolated by the ocean. That is until the Humans and Elves, native to the islands around and on The Mainland developed the boats necessary for sea travel. As the human, halfling, and elf species’ improved this technology, they started to take over and challenge the Dragonborne and other exotics around the Mainland, causing large amounts of turmoil and stress to the rising economies. As trade rose and the feud was in full force, the humans developed a monarchy: a system of government put in place to control and enforce their will onto others, collect taxes, and develop a navy for blockades and ocean wars. Soon enough, the King took over mostly every nearby trade route, and had a hand in every set of islands on TerraNautica. The Dragonborne weren’t too keen on the idea of being subjugated, so they too set up a large battalion to fight against the King and his nobility, in the form of Pirates. Adhering to a pirate code, and influenced by the native prophecies, they fought against the Monarchy for centuries, losing thousands of people just to free the islands from tyranny. Slowly, their forces dwindled, losing support from neighboring islands who were sick of war and just wanted peace, even if that meant oppression by a monarchy. In some areas, parts of the Dragonborne were settling down too, making livings doing farming and trading elsewhere. The wars stopped, and the monarchy had won, although pirates still had their own place, it wasn’t as large of a war force as it was. Even now, the Monarchy hates Pirates, but moreover, they hate Dragonborne. So much so, that they even go out of their way to purge them from existence. The islands of TerraNautica truly fell into dark times over the years... if a certain set of heroes came along, they could decide the fate of these treacherous waters, whether it be freedom, or oppression. Only time will tell...

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