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Diplomacy, Recovery, Intelligence, Intermediary Interests, and Foreign Trade

The DRIIIFT is a pseudo-military hybrid, policy-driven, and intercontinental threat-focused organization with both intelligence, law enforcement, foreign trade & foreign exchange governance, and diplomatic responsibilities. Officially formed in the year 12 A.V, It is the principal investigative arm and enforcement of the Nishanoyan Federation, Sentinel Hall and a full member of the International Intelligence Community. The DRIIIFT has the authority and responsibility to investigate specific crimes, persons or groups of interest, and even countries assigned to it and to provide other law enforcement agencies with cooperative services, investigative & laboratory examinations, training, diplomatic security, and the regulation of international trade and currencies with its partner organization the Merchant Association of Rahdan. The DRIIIFT also gathers, shares, and analyzes intelligence, both to support its own investigations and those of its partners, leaders, and allies and to better understand and combat the security threats facing the Continent of Nishanoya and its allied territories. After the Decade of Chaos, the federation needed an economic and civil revolution and evolution that would quell the turmoil on the mainland and bring order to the ground floor. They gathered forty-two, intelligent, combat-trained individuals with a balanced sense of integrity to help with the task. These individuals teamed up with transportees who seemed to be well versed in science, research, geography, archaeology, economics, and trade in order to assist in this massive undertaking. In doing so, they were able to successfully manage all the cities and territories of Nishanoya and stabilize the economy and the civil relations of the Nishanoyan citizens in the span of one year. Due to the success and wisdom displayed by these forty-two individuals, they went on to negotiate and entreat the Nishanoyan Coalition to establish multiple new organizations like Merchant Association of Rahdan, the Sentinel Force, the Nishanoyan Scholars Association who are now absorbed in the Intercontinental Academy of Arcane Arts & Scholastic Studies, and the Nishanoyan Peace & Trade Commission who eventually became the organization known as the DRIIIFT. Throughout the continent of Nishanoya and its territories, and the allied countries, the DRIIIFT has been an organization hailed as heroes and symbols of peace as well as the golden standard on the Planet Ra'Ahsh.
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