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Far across the western seas lies the continent of Occidentia. Like Legar and Cathay to the east it was rocked by the re-emergence of magic. However it was found lacking an opportune band of heroes and as a result their nations ultimately fell under the influence of resurgent magical forces. Beneath the earth were hundreds of ancient arch-magi, sorcerer-kings, and fell magical monsters, each slumbering since the last age of magic. While not all of these entities were evil, the vast majority of creatures who purposely put themselves into the hibernation rather than give up arcane power were not doing so for altruistic reasons. As such most were able and eager to dominate whatever unfortunate creatures had come to live near their resting place.   As of the current day the continent is dotted by localized city-states controlled by newly awakened magical overlords and the remains of the land's two great empires, now thoroughly compromised by the magical influence. This system cannot stand and it is up to the players to push these tyrants along into the dustbin of history.