The Vishkanya are an ophidian race descended from interbreeding between lamias and humanoid races, particularly humans and elves. While the largest concentrations of them are in Near and Far Vishkai, they can be found anywhere that the ancient lamian kingdoms once existed, and migration and settlement have also expanded their range rather significantly. Vishkanya from Far Vishkai are often staunch traditionalists, proud warriors, and isolationists, while those from Near Vishkai are much more open to learn from other cultures, and are responsible for a majority of the settlement and migration that have seen their race expand its influence, even if much of the old ways have been lost in the process.
There are two broad groupings of Vishkanya. Those of Near and Far Vishkai are the most common, and are referred to as Oriental Vishkanya, while those descended from the Serpent-Pharaohs of Kegas are known as Western Vishkanya. The two can be distinguished by the presence of feline features in Western Vishkanya, who instead of lizardmen as an additional genetic component have interbred with the catfolk of the deserts.

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Geographic Origin and Distribution

Vishkanya can be found throughout the continent of Stegaria, and are one of the few species to match humans in adaptability. While they prefer warmer areas, they are not truly cold-blooded, unlike their lamian ancestors, and so are more than able to survive in a staggering variety of conditions.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Oriental; Western
60-120 years
Geographic Distribution
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