Nonerianism (NAH-nair-EE-an-izm)

Nonerianism either refers to the doctrine that all the multifarious gods are avatars of nine greater gods, or to the Nonerian Church, the dominant religious institution in Occident. The latter is founded upon the beliefs of the former, although it has also assimilated aspects of Tripartism as the years have gone on. The Nonerian Church is also found in much of northern and western Qikuo, and Nonerian beliefs are present in the westernmost regions of Varshalshka.


Nonerianism as a doctrine first originated in 948, when the expansion of the Remaran Empire brought many diverse religious elements into their society. The Remaran leadership had established a central religious authority long before this time in order to handle communication, benediction, and rites, and the influx of diverse cultic groups caused much friction. Into this chaos stepped Avgus the Great, who claimed to have received a divine vision, telling him that all the gods and cults were true, each but an aspect of nine primordial, nigh-omnipotent gods. Initially, this was viewed as nothing more than an attempt to ease religious tensions through compromise. But as time went on, and the prayers of Avgus' new priests were answered, doubt began to dwindle, and following the dazzling divine intervention at the Battle of Melabri Fields in 932 BC, the truth of this new doctrine was visible to all.
Historians and theologians still debate whether Avgus actually received his vision. He was known to receive visions on other occassions, but whether these were true visions or simply a ruler using "divine will" to justify his decisions is unknown. It is entirely possible that Avgus the Great simply made up Nonerianism to ease the burden of running his empire and bring the church more under his own authority, and his guess just so happened to be correct. The opposite camp holds that Avgus' visions must be true, as not one was contradicted. Additionally, what are the chances that he just happened to make up the true nature of the divine of the top off his head?

Divine Origins

The Nonerian Church grew out of the disparate cultic and religious practices found across Mavorenia , the Swamps of Lethe, and the Verdant Coast.
Religious, Organised Religion
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Nonerian Church
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