Mengfu was an influential advisor in the days of the Rose Queens' conquests, who through a complete understanding of himself ascended to a position not unlike godhood.

Tenets of Faith

Mengfu is primarily concerned with the conduct of mortals rather than cosmic forces. He commands his followers to seek wisdom, serve their superiors, and aid their inferiors. The summation of his tenets can be found in the oft-repeated phrase "Father Governs Children, Children Nurtured By Father". This refers to the crux of his belief; that a just authority figure must be obeyed, but if he becomes tyrannical or fails to care for those who serve him his children or subjects are freed from that burden. Similarly, a ruler is not required to care for those who do not submit to his authority. Society and rulership to Mengfu are based on mutual agreement to a social contract, and if either party violates their end of the agreement then the other is no longer bound by it.
Divine Classification
Heavenly Sage


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