Myth-shrouded Lathva is a kingdom in the far north of Stegaria, comprising everything from The Spine to quite some ways into the arctic tundra. It is a place seldom visited by southerners, for its borders are jealously guarded by the native Lathvans.


Lathva is ruled by its Witch-Queens witches and priestesses of great power who rule over their associated territories from a large regional city or a fortified hold. These Witch-Queens rule jointly over Lathva in a council called the Arman. Usually, however, they delegate matters of warfare and local administration to a military leader known as a Karovad. A witch-queen often will have many Karovadth who serve her, but one is usually the foremost. They usually have some level of magical ability as well as martial talent, but this is not strictly required, and most are sorcerers rather than wizards, witches, or priests. Karovadth often are given land to manage in their witch-queen's name, and rule from personal halls.
In the northern reaches of Lathva, the Karovadth are the true power and rule as witch-queen and karovadth simultaneously. Here are the great fortified castles of ice, iron, and blood that keep the horrors of the wastes at bay and launch expeditions northward for relics of the Lathvan people's ancestors.


Lathva is an ancient kingdom, dating back in some form or another to just around the birth of humanity, and ruled over large regions of the north. Originally founded by those fleeing the arrival of the Blue Sun, it became the northernmost of the Rune Giant kingdoms. As humanity became more and more dominant, and other races began encroaching on their land, the Lathvans were gradually forced back to the core of their territory beyond the spine. Those that remained were assimilated and interbred with the local peoples, while those that stayed in Lathva proper gradually became more and more isolationist and bitter. Seeing that even they were becoming more and more interbred with what they considered "lesser races", the Lathvans embarked on their current policy of only mating with Forgotten in order to ensure that the only mortal blood in their veins was "pure".
Lathvan domination of the north and the primitive humans who dwelt there had lasting effects, however, including the spread of their religion, the Cult of the Blue Sun. While it has largely disappeared, in the far reaches of the north it is still practiced in scattered hamlets by those who remember the old ways.


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