Lamias are a serpentine race that originated in modern-day Eredhis before spreading as far east as Far Vishkai and as far west as the Kegas. They have since been forced from much of their ancestral territory, and now chiefly occupy the desert and the Shyegh' Mountains.

Basic Information


Lamias are humanoid from the waist up, but instead of legs have long, serpentine tails. Stretched from end to end, they can be up to 15 feet long. They almost universally have pointed, elfin ears, although this may be due to interbreeding rather than an innate quality of the race. Their teeth are fang-like, and their jaws are able to be unhinged in order to swallow large meals quickly. Lamias grow longer as a means to store excess food, and the most well-fed of their kind can reach lengths of up to 25 feet.

Biological Traits

Lamias are very physically diverse, depending on a wide range of factors. Some possess scales all across their bodies, while others only have a scaled tail. Some also possess hood-like frills on their necks in a similar manner to cobras, but these are relatively rare, most commonly found among the upper classes of the Kegat Lamias. Additionally, while most lamias have hair, not all do.

Genetics and Reproduction

Lamias reproduce sexually and are ovoviviparous, their eggs hatching inside the mother, who nurses them for up to a year. Their clutches are relatively small, with usually two or three, but on ocassion broods of up to 10 have been reported.

Ecology and Habitats

Lamias originated in the humid jungles of Eredhis, and while they are not confined to that environment, their cold-blooded nature precludes them from venturing into areas that are too cold on a regular basis.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lamias are not strictly carnivorous, but they prefer meat to other food sources by a wide margin. As they are cold-blooded, they eat far less than their massive size would suggest, and can go without food for a day or so without any particular discomfort.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Lamias have very keen nightvision, and many of their kind possess infravision.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Among lamias, the greatest sign of beauty in either sex is the tail. Longer, thicker tails are more desirable than shorter, thinner ones, and particularly striking patterns of scales are prized on both men and women. Additionally, both sexes can be considered beautiful for having particularly sharp teeth, but men's must be long, while women's must be thin and needle-like. Among both Shyegh and Kegat lamias, there is a general trend to find legs exotic and attractive, but this is more of an undercurrent among the Shyegh', but for the Kegat it is socially acceptable.
Genetic Descendants
120 years
Average Height
2-4 feet
Average Length
9-13 feet from head to tail.
Geographic Distribution
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