Kingdom of Kung

Kung is one of the easternmost Rose Kingdoms, and one of the largest and strongest. It is known both for the vastness of its hosts and the opulence of its kings; the Yu family has ruled Kung from Zhangxi almost since the foundation of the Empire, and they are infamously decadent.


Kung encompasses the fertile eastern floodplains of the Kung river down to Ma Falls in the south. It is a border kingdom, with its northern border stretching up into the Zhangpa mountains, although the strategic Dzrong Pass is controlled by independent military governors. While Kung does not directly border the fractious Xi gZang area to its east, the smaller kingdoms that separate Kung from the orcs that dwell there have long since lost their independence.

Foreign Relations

Kung's relations with the neighboring kingdoms are often strained; the Yu kings have often seen themselves as superior to the families that rule Shu and Ye, whom they regard as little better than the barbarians they keep at bay. Fanli to their west is a great ally of theirs, for it was the kings of Kung and the Shogun of Yomitai that helped the prestigious but upstart Tsing family take control of the region following the expulsion of the Advisors. Yomitai, specificially the influential Tsukimoto family, are also firmly allied with Kung. The commanderies and over-commanderies to Kung's east are, in effect, vassals of Kung rather than independent servants of the Phoenix Emperor.
The kings of Kung are firmly committed to the cause of The Second Coalition, although whether it will be anywhere near as influential as the first remains entirely up in the air.
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Heavenly Northeast Petal
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Feudal state
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