Kenaihwa is a substance produced by Marobunta Brew-Mistresses, and is essential for the regulation of their larval stage and thus their entire society.


Material Characteristics

It is a thick, viscous fluid, lightly orange in coloration, causing some to mistake it for the vibrant gold and purple of royal jelly.

Origin & Source

Kenaihwa is produced throughout the bodies of marobunta brew-mistresses, from whom it is harvested by dedicated caretakers, often either workers or malformed handmaidens. Additionally, queens produce it for four months following the birth of their first larva.

Life & Expiration

Kenaihwa remains usable for up to eight months after it is harvested, but after this point it quickly loses its potency.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Kenaihwa, when ingested by marobunta larva, shortens their larval cycle by an amount proportional to the amount ingested, while various refined forms can be used to lengthen it. This manipulation allows the pupal stage to be triggered early, before sufficient nutrients have been acquired to form a brew-mistress, in order to turn the larva into a laborer or warrior. When used to extend the larval stage and postpone pupation, it allows for the lengthy early existence required for the creation of princesses, handmaidens, and juggernauts..


While largely harmless to larva, consuming large amounts of kenaihwa can trigger a condition called Hukusa in adult marobunta and melifeir, resulting in increased appetite, heart palpitations, and weight loss. It is usually not fatal, but can also lead to neurological changes if untreated. In other races, kenaihwa can cause hair loss if ingested, and the vapors can induce trance-like states during which the user feels a sense of profound belonging. In extreme cases, this can lead to users isolating themselves from society, or even leaving to attempt to "join" a marobunta hive. This condition is called "Bug Sickness"
Sickly Sweet
Light Orange
Common State
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