Eves Irkal

Eves Irkal is the wife of Ahrumazd, and is a cthonic goddess of rain, the dead, and fertility. She is believed to rule over a region of the upper dark that the Ax'emai call Kur, a vast cavern-necropolis tended by psychopomps. She is often depicted as a gardener, planting and pruning life, or as a judge.

Divine Domains

Eves Irkal's core domains are the family, rain, fertility, agriculture, and death. Additionally, she is worshiped by the Ax'emai as the judge or queen of the dead, ruling over the afterlife and the underdark as Ahrumazd rules over the surface and the living. Thus, within their context, she also has domains dealing with law. Often she is equated with smoke (the darkness that reveals her husband's light), and thus with incense and trances as well.


The winter solstice is known as the Passing in the realms of the Suranids. At this time, the bones of all those who have died over the previous year are gathered and taken by caravan down to Kur, where they are interred in the necropolis. When people die in their lands, the Ax'emai take their bodies and place them in Houses of Mourning, open places atop or near temples of Ahrumazd or Eres Irkal, and laid out in concentric circles; the birds of the sky will soon strip flesh from bone. This custom is known as Sky Burial. In some places, instead the bodies are merely burned, giving them to the Lord of Infernos, before their ashes are then taken down to Kur on the Passing.




Towards Eves Irkal


Eves Irkal


Towards Ahrumazd


Divine Classification
Greater God
Ahrumazd (Husband)


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