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The world is Obrios, a world where the suns always shine. It hasn’t always been like that though. The world was once evenly divided between Day and Night. Shared between two gods, Tamriel and her older brother Galdarian. Tamriel would bring the day and Galdarian, the night. The two gods created the world and the creatures that inhabited it. The two were opposites. Though they would disagree from time to time, they created a unique world with beautiful life.   One day, long after Obrios’s creation, a new goddess appeared. She was far brighter than Tamriel and just as large as Galdarian. Her name was Kestramore. Kestramore was beautiful and shone with a radiance unlike any the gods had seen before. Tamriel was instantly drawn to Kestramore, but Galdarian was skeptical of her and resistant to change.   The two still welcomed their new companion and for a time, worked together well. As hard as they tried though Galdarian and Kestramore were just too different and seemed to disagree on almost all decisions. Eventually a war broke out between the two, with Tamriel stuck in the middle. It raged on for ages until eventually Tamriel was forced to choose a side. Tamriel turned against her brother and was gravely wounded in the process, but with Kestramore’s aid, they were able to slay Galdarian.   With Galdarian gone Kestramore was able to care for Tamriel and they were able to shape the world together. Mountains exploded and sea’s receeded, expanding the world and making room for new creations. Galdarian’s creations, unable to survive in the intense radiance of the goddesses, disappeared and were wiped out. Now with Galdarian gone, the two Goddesses have been able to rule over the world in harmony. The only reminder of Galdarian, a huge break in the earth where Kestramore struck him down.   People adapted and learned to thrive in the new environment and so the gods rewarded them with Dawnstones, powerful magical gems full of radiant energy. Every being on the planet acquires a Dawnstone. When their soul becomes mature enough, they make a pilgrimage to the peaks of the tallest mountains and retrieve their own Dawnstone, along with a vision from the goddesses themselves. These visions over the ages have taught civilization how to grow spiritually and technologically as well, progressing civilization far faster than they would have progressed on their own. As time went on, naturally history faded into the background and nobody is certain how the world came to be aside from the myths and legends.   Today wars are fought. Warriors wielding powerful Dawnstones charge into battle, cutting down their foes in vibrant displays of colour and radiance. Scholars record visions and find new and exciting ways to harness the energy of the Dawnstones. Some nations are united and thrive upon trade, while others remain isolated. Obrios is a world now uncertain of themselves struggling to keep up with the change and the constant expansion.

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