The Oblivion Clock Chronicles (OCC) is a sandbox style campaign setting for use with any modern horror RPG system. The players take the roles of modern mages fighting the forces of Oblivion who are actively trying to end reality. It can be played with 3 to 6 original player characters designed by your gaming group or using the premade listed within. It contains artwork, maps, tokens, and links external media to help the Game Master paint a detailed vision of the fictional world the players will experience. Whether you play in person on a real tabletop or remotely using your favorite virtual tabletop (VTT), it will give you all the tools necessary to have the best game possible.


Content Warning

The Oblivion Clock Chronicles contains the adult themes including but not limited to the following.
Horror, Sexuality, Strong Language, Drug References, and Extreme Violence.
You should talk to your player group before committing to playing in this campaign setting. Make sure everyone is on board with this type of setting. It's the right thing to do.


Requirements to Play


The Oblivion Clock Chronicles setting assumes you have the following items to play in the setting

For Tabletop Games

  • RPG system rulebook of your choice
  • Character Sheets
  • An assortment of role playing dice
  • Some computing device to display or play maps, music, or artwork (optional)

For Online Games

  • RPG system rulebook of your choice
  • A virtual tabletop system or like or astral tabletop
  • A text & voice chat client like Discord or Teamspeak (optional)

Familiarity with the rules and tools needed to play the game is paramount to having the best experience in your game. Unfortunately, these subjects are outside the scope of The Oblivion Clock Chronicles setting and will not be addressed in any detail here. If you are new to roleplaying games, this can seem overwhelming but here is a small list of places you can start your quest for knowledge.

World Anvil
Consider using World Anvil's (this site) Hero features to run your game. It's a great resource.
Roll20 is my VTT of choice but there are many others to choose from.
Discord is my chat program of choice.
A sub reddit dedicated to RPG games.

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