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A high fantasy world on the brink of something incredible and new. Artificers, Wizards, and other spell casters have found a new use for magic resulting in a powerful science like explosion of technology. The most forward thinking capitals have begun to harness the power of magic to create various constructs to do the nobles menial tasks. Nimblewrights, Golems, and other various contructs and automatons wander about doing chores and errands for their masters. Spells that create electricity power lights in the richest districts, artificers for hire create thunder cannons and other various guns for the most powerful military leaders in limited runs. For those not lucky enough to live in an influential city or be born to riches, the world is mostly the same. Medical care is hard to come by, the difference in worth between a farmer and a king is hundreds of lifetimes apart, and the evil and monsters of the world still kill indiscriminately.   Waylia, the most populous country, is broken up by Kingdoms of various sizes. Their sizes wax and wane with the years, some fall, others join together, but the status quo has always been that every city, village, and hamlet belongs to somebody, whether or not they want to. All except the Royal City of Knotside. Having removed themselves from under the thumb of a kingdom decades ago, they rule themselves as a neutral party to the kingdoms constant bickering. Located on the river Fairknot they are an incredibly important trading hub. To send goods inland or to the countries to the west one must use the Fairknot, meaning all who come in and out of the country from all places come through the city. Knotsides status as a city free from the rule of outside forces is maintained because of their strong alliances to the surrounding kingdoms and flow of trade. Knotside is the last port out to the sea, and the first one when coming inland, and without Knotsides cooperation trade across the entire country would surely fail.   Dark times are creeping into Waylia, in the times of peace it was said monsters were becoming extinct, but rumors have reached Knotside by way of traveling merchants that monsters are more abundant than ever. Monsters of every kind fill the woods and attack travelers and settlers, hamlets burn in the night, and unspeakable horrors roam the country side, broken and rabid. The population slowly changes to a city on the brink of fear and with dark rumors swirling around the markets it's only a matter of time before hysteria consumes all. Unless of course, brave adventurers can rise to stop it.



Dungeons & Dragons 5e