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The Legend of the Balbor

In Grung tribes it's common for elder to pass on the story of the Balbor to young grungs as a tale of warning to make them behave but ironically enough many of the younglings become so scared that they have vivid dreams that make them believe the story is real. It goes like this... "Once their was a young grung by the name of Balbor. Balbor was a good child and he could hop very well and had a wonderful singing voice which made them very loved by everyone in their tribe. One day, Balbor was playing in one of the murkiest parts of the swamp and was trying to find somewhere excellent to perform so that everyone in the land would be able to hear their voice. They hopped around looking for the tallest tree they could find, hoping that the higher up they were the more people would hear, but none of them seemed to reach high enough. They looked for an open clearing but all of the grass was too high and they wouldn't be able to see Balbor. While nothing seemed to be right, just then as they looked upon the middle of a murky pool of swamp water they saw a perfect place for them to perform. It was a lone stalagmite that protruded from the pool that look like an excellent place for Balbor to be seen and heard from! Balbor rushed over hopping ever so excitedly to test out the stage but as they reached the rock something didn't feel right. It feel soft and like it was covered in mucus like a grung's skin. Just then the rocked leaned over and snatched Balbor up rising higher and higher into the air until what the rock was connected to was finally revealed. It wasn't a rock at all but the tentacle of a froghemoth and as the froghemoth lowered Balbor into their toothy maw Balbor began to sing as this would be the last time their voice could ever be heard. But there were now jaws or snapping, soon a hum began to come out of the froghemoth's mouth mimicking Balbor's tune. Balbor kept singing hoping that they would keep humming... and they did, but once Balbor grew tired the tentacle began to raise them back into their mouth once again and Balbor frantically began singing again. And so it would be that Balbor would have his audience for the rest of their life to continually sing or the froghemoth would devour them. Perhaps it was Balbor's arrogance that put them in this situation or their lack of caution but one thing was for certain. For the rest of their lives Balbor would sing a that would be appreciated." So if you ever wander into a murky swamp and hear something that sounds like a grung singing perhaps check it out? And if it does happen to be sweet old Balbor, be a dear and help them out would you?

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