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The Upside of Down

The Upside of Down is located everywhere and nowhere. It exists within a small pocket dimension, randomly traveling on a whim, making it known throughout the land for both its incredibly poor and impeccable timing. The doorway teleports in front of dehydrated survivors in the desert, offering salvation to the near dead, or wedges itself in a cave, preventing an injured adventurer from escaping at the last possible moment. It is a loud, forever bustling tavern, gathering people from all over the world on its ventures, providing accommodation for those who wish to stay for the ride. Having the Upside of Down's doors appear before you is considered a rite of passage for adventurers, with most bucket lists having at least one entry surrounding it.   It is quite large from the outside, made from brick and wood; without the colourful paint and graffiti, it would almost look like a home. Inside, however, is a different story. The rooms are not purely one style, everything an amalgamation of different wallpapers and paints; an eclectic mix of vivid hues and washed out creams. There are chairs and tables on the ceiling and a bar is stuck perpendicular on the wall opposite to the entrance. Scattered amongst different rooms, tension and crowds are gathered around various tables of different sizes, participating in drinking competitions and card games, standing on the ceiling, the walls and the floor. The once grand stairs were ripped out long ago, leaving a roughly sanded, lopsided new doorway to the next floor in its place. Each floor is like this, polished wood stairs, once a staple of the manor's elegance, ripped out to make chairs, tables and bars, leaving holes in the ceiling to serve as new doors, some roughly sanded, others more detailed and neat, perhaps fixed by a travelling carpenter as thanks. The only floor yet to be inhabited is at the manor's peak, guarded by a tightly locked door and a seemingly infinitely thick ceiling, that no matter how much you chop or hammer at, never reveals the rooms above. The only clue regarding the rooms purpose is the large glass dome that interrupts the manors intricate roof, sometimes sparking a bright blue.   A strange magic weaves throughout this place, changing gravity, making the lights shine just a little brighter, the bartenders smile just a little wider. Only will it, and gravity is inverted, allowing the upside of down's patrons to traverse its walls and ceilings with as much ease as they would the floor. A door on the left leads to the west wing, an infinite hallway of bedrooms, most originally containing various kinds of experiments and valuables, now looted and plundered. Many of these rooms are now used to house members of staff and weary travellers. The food and drink runs, much like the corridor of bedrooms, infinitely. However once removed from the premises, ironically much like its creator, it turns to dust. Adventurers should still remain wary, as staying too long allows the establishment to take you in its hold, trapping you there for an eternity. Just remember, dear travellers, it is all too easy to forget the time when you're having fun.   The Upside of Down isn't owned or run by any one individual. The bartender and members of staff are some of those unlucky souls who stay too long, deciding to take up duties to stave off their longing for the outside world. The individual who first changed the once quiet and somber home of Indreaus Bramblewight into the Upside of Down is still unknown to this day, leading to many speculating that they were the first unfortunate soul to be ensnared.


The most anyone knows of the Upside of Down's past was that it was originally owned and created by one Indreaus Bramblewight, a powerful purveyor of the magical arts. An immortal confined to his own creation through a curse or blessing, or maybe neither.   The rest of the story is near unknown to its patrons, the most ever uttered of the topic consisting of large amounts of speculation from a doddering drunks lips, yet some stories manage to hold, however bruised and beaten and changed by poor ears and time. Some, usually devout folks, say it was Nyxathia and her forever changing whims that offered a deal, taking advantage of Indreaus' naïveté. Others say it was he himself that caused this, dabbling with magics far too great for his own comprehension, his curiosity his own demise. More adventurous patrons whisper of fey, devils or great existences beyond comprehension, but every story reaches the same end. After spending some time deep within his studies, the house traveling between locations, seeing but not touching, he eventually steps out, looking wistfully to the horizon, turning to dust the moment he left the threshold of his home. The next part, much like the middle, is lost to obscurity. Some say he bonded with his house, explaining his spells still affecting the manor and its seemingly random travel. Others say his dust still remains, immortal at the very spot he died, or that he never died in the first place and is still traveling the world, making up for all the centuries he missed.
Founding Date
the 24th of Ambray 1010 AG
Alternative Names
The Bramblewight Manor, The Miracle Tavern
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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Mar 27, 2022 04:00 by Ezra Aldrich

I have a soft spot for traveling locations like this. It sounds like a fun concept and I could easily see myself being one of the folks who wind up stuck there forever, haha. Are there any other unique characters that could be found within the tavern? I bet there's loads of great stories to be heard. If this is for an rpg setting, I wonder if the players could find a way into that locked area. Nice job.

Mar 27, 2022 08:18

Thank you for the comment! :) and you guessed right, this is for an RPG setting. I can't wait for my players to come across it, although I do hope they don't end up staying for too long.

Mar 27, 2022 08:25 by Ezra Aldrich

Ah, neat. I can definitely see it as being a great place to explore as a player, even if just for some brief respite hehe. Hopefully they don't get stuck xP

Mar 29, 2022 17:30

Teleporting bar that can either save someone's life or screw them over at the most inconvenient of times. And patrons can stick around for the random blinks out of existence to get out elsewhere? Making me wish we had one of these in real life!

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Mar 30, 2022 23:57 by Laurabones

Even though this place is obviously meant to be a bit a confusing, you still manage to describe it in a way that makes sense. It sounds at one like a place i'd love to visit and also run away screaming from lol. Good job