WorldEmber 2020 Pledge Document

This is going to be my first WorldEmber, and my second major challenge after the SummerCamp. To overcome the lack of prompts and succesfully complete the challenge, I will try my best and to homework this month, preparing at best!   This article is my pledge to complete WorldEmber and shows what I intend to do.   Since I saw I tend to write pretty long articles, I will need only a few topics to focus on. I think the two most important areas in need of expansion and details are the Undead Cities and the Doujatar Kingdom. To these two I should also add the Empire, which generalities are already in place, but details are amiss for. However, I think I will prioritise the former ones, since both lack some basics.

To Do Table

Without further ado, here comes the table. Entries are in no particular order. If, in the end, I will still need more words to complete the challenge, I will describe the other two crusades. I am starting from the second because it is related to the Undead, while the other two are not.
Article Template Brief Excerpt Done
Damparo Person Ancient hero, now guardian of the Moon Valley, where the Goddess resides.
Garden of Memories Location Damparo's places, filled with statues of heroes.
Silijas, the Moon Church Organization The cult of the Moon Goddess, based in Krylas, Doujate.
Head Priestess Rank The highest position in the Church.
Doujatar Kingdom Organization Closely tied to the Church, the Kingdom rules the land of Doujate.
Vidris, the Moon Goddess Person The Goddess herself, protector of Nys.
Second Crusade Conflict A war waged against the Undead to extinguish them from the world.
Doujin Raiders Organization One of the major military guilds in Doujate.
Undead Cities Organization League of mostly independent cities in the Frozen Lands north to Doujate.
Archlich Person Undead leader, immortal according to some definition of immortality.
Frozen Cathedral Location Residence of the Archlich.
Secret Article Myth A secret article that I will write last.

This article has no secrets.


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