Silver Wings

The Silver Wings are a Doujatar military force composed by Douji riders. They are considered the most outstanding, influential and overall powerful people in Doujate, second only to the Moon Goddess priestesses.   All of the members are nobles. Many are related to a king, feudal lord or a priestess in the Council of the Church, or even to a Head Priestess.  

Cultural Importance

The Silver Wings have always been a driving force in Doujatar history. Together with the Moon Church head priestesses, its leaders lead every and any political action, be it domestic or foreign. Among the military organizations, the Silver Wings undoubtly hold a key role as the strong hand of the king. Almost all Doujatar military generals and higher officers are chosen among the Silver Wing ranks.   During the Abyssal Crisis, the Silver Wings were all over Doujate repelling hordes of demons with the sole help of their steed. Once the invasion was repelled, they hurried outside their country to help the cities in the neighbouring Free Lands.  


Like most other organizations in Doujate, the Silver Wings have an intricate structure inherited from their feudal bonds and respective influences. There are dozens of titles, and new ones are created every year to satisfy the Doujatar inclination for complex bureaucracy.   The frequent changes serve the purpose to ensure the organization's structure reflects each family influence in the political landscape.   If the hierarchy were clear and fixed, it would be possible for a person belonging to a disgraced family to command members of other renowned families, creating what Doujatar people feel like a paradox. To avoid this from happening, a dedicated office takes care of keeping relations tidy, usually by making the hierarchy inexplicable, so that people have to refer to their common sense, based, in turn, on the current influences the family can exert during public meetings.   In the end, one has to obey others' commands if they are either more inexperienced or young or if their family is currently less influential.   As a turntable, if subordinates show to be more charismatic or achieve more relevant goals in battles than their superiors, their family earns influence, thus making them higher in the hierarchy. The younger members, who have yet to prove their worth, often embark in perilous missions, eager to show their abilities.   Many outsiders wonder how this mess can work. Nobody knows.  


The Silver Wings only accepts in its ranks candidates who have already distinguished themselves in battle and have a personal flying douji. The latter requirement effectively denies entry to any commoner and not outstandingly rich person since maintaining a douji is expensive. The flying requirement excludes other relevant douji riders, categorised as land troops and equated to the cavalry.   Currently, the organization counts 152 total members, most of which are oubri-douji riders.  

Sailing the skies

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Military, Air Force
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