Second Lunade

The Second Lunade was initiated by Nejayne Terin uf Elaique ta Peprouf, the Head Priestess of the Moon Church in those years. The Doujatar Kingdom ratified the Lunade with an official declaration of war against the Undead Cities the following year, in the 1427.   The main objective was stopping the Undead from descending further South into Doujate.   Both sides describe the ending as a win. The Undead defended their position successfully, whilst the Doujatar forced the enemy to cancel their planned colonies in the South.  

The Conflict


Before the Doujatar Kingdom was born, unifying Doujate under a single vessel, the region was divided between the Zatjal Kingdom in the west and the Moon Church territories in the east. Trying to assert dominance over each other, they initiated a war around 1100 (scholars debate the exact date). It would be known after as the Nesto War, since "Nesto" in Old Doujatar means two hundred, from its approximate duration. It only ended with the Nesto Treaties in 1327, even though the actual military actions had already ceased.   During that time, the Undead had been peacefully founding colonies closer and closer to Doujate. The internal war had taken the attention away from their movements.   Following the Nesto Treaties, a new country was born, the Doujatar Kingdom, blessed by the Moon Goddess and her church, to unify Doujate under a single vessel. They redefined their borders, including within them some previously unoccupied northern territories "for grazing purposes".   They did not inform their neighbours about this annexation.  

Casus Belli

The Undead had planned to found a colony in that area. In the year 1425, they sent explorers to scout and found a suitable place. They encountered no one and eventually set camp.   After materials, provisions, and colonists had already started arriving later the same year, a Doujatar patrol stumbled across them and asked what all that business was. The High King formally asked the Undead to walk off Doujatar territory. They complained that the area was clearly not used, and there was no reason to leave it that way.   In the Undead society and culture, there was no such thing as a "territory". The land was land, and no one could own it. Diplomats tried to explain how territory worked in Doujate and the rest of Nys.   In the meantime, the Moon Church had declared the Undead were abyssal abominations. Priestesses preached they were invading Doujate and had to be stopped in the name of the Goddess for the safety of the newborn Kingdom.   In the year 1426, the Head Priestess in charge, Nejayne Terin uf Elaique ta Peprouf, leveraging the unclear situation about the Undead colony, declared it was time for a second Lunade and called the nobles to participate with their armies.   The following year the High King joined the Lunade, formally declaring war against the Undead Cities.  


Both sides claim they won the war.   The Moon Church called the Lunade against the Undead with the ultimate goal of annihilating them, but the Doujatar Kingdom declared war with the intent of repelling what they called "Undead invasion". They managed to ward off the colonists but failed every single siege they initiated against the already existing Undead cities.   On the other hand, the Undead retreated immediately after the Lunade proclamation, even before the war declaration. They succeeded in defending the Frozen Lands cities and repelled the Doujatar invasion.   Formally, the war ended with a white peace, without borders adjustments.  

Historical Significance


The second Lunade was the first occasion where the Moon Church revealed its consideration of the Undead and their organization.   The war determined the popular opinion that the Undead were abyssal abominations. Whilst the Doujatar army suffered a few thousand casualties, their enemies ended the conflict with a "negative" deaths count. Since people dying in the Frozen Lands can be reawakened as Undead, their lines grew in number with time.   Doujatar people began seeing this arcane resurrection through the Moon Church lenses as a form of abyssal corruption. In the following centuries, it spread several misconceptions about who the Undead are. Many foreign scholars claim the common contemporary hostility between Doujatar and Undead has its roots in this conflict.   On the Undead side, people never deeply grasped why the war started in the first place. With the passing of years, they started considering their neighbours as dangerous warmongers.  
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Everyone claims they won the war.





Defending the southern cities.
Repel the Undead invasion in northern Doujate.

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