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Greetings to the World Anvil Summer Camp. I am Counselor Clueless, and I will be walking you through the month-long festivities. In particular, the Articles for the prompts will be utilized in gluing together the incongruous, explaining the undefined, and opening the long-sealed mysteries of the End of the Iteration. As the goal is to be ready to launch the Dark Shards - the Ninth Iteration of the Dream Prism Grand Arc, I will also be endeavoring to conclude the Passages first Systembook for the fall launch of its pre-release tour.   As the Summer Camp utilizes the Prompts system to drive writers toward completion of a specific set of Prompts, I will be using this Page as an ongoing update on our progress. I will be linking all articles I write to this page, for ease of finding them. IF you are a fan of my work, a friend for life, or part of the Nycos Realm family already, I'd ask you to stop by periodically - probably at least once a week in July - and read, favorite, and like every one of them, if you would. Not only will it help me in the communibut it will alsoA writers, it will demonstrate what Nycos might mean to each of you. This page will be live by Newsday (what I call Tuesdays from now on) and updates will be posted as fast as I can complete them.   In each category, World Anvil is rewarding the Writers for creating an article in response to each prompt. The ranking is merely cosmetic - but for the record, I will be aiming at completed participation in all of them, so the breakdown here is more to see the progress. Further, I have personally pledged to read a different author's response each week and respond to it in text. I will then post a video when I have accomplished each Tier, mentioning all of the articles I reviewed.  


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World Anvil's Summer Camp tends to put out its prompts in response to a variety of themes. This year's Themes were just announced, so to keep up with the project, I am adding this year's themes, and at this point, my knee-jerk response to them, and how I see the themes playing into each other this year. By doing so, I prepare for answering the prompts even before they ariseleased. There are no word limitations on the homework that I know of, but with the usual 300-word limit minimums, I will be cutting them from this document to keep it from getting too far over the fold   EXPANSE - Such a lovely word. The idea that a space that takes time to cross, that has undefined dimension, and houses untold mysteries... how is that not appealing to a roleplayer?
CONNECTIONS to NYCOS: In this Summer Camp, I am going to be filling in the blanks, as it were, discussing the various regions of unexplored or under-explored expanses of all three continents, to breathe a bit of onstery and focus to adventures that will inevitably spring up on their periphery.
Grahlym's Mantaran Wastes were, in the Eighth Iteration a 'flyover territory' as the story drove the Cadre from the interiors of the Wylderlads north and west, to World's Edge without much ado. The Caravanserai defeat in the Bowl of Dusts wasn't even discovered this Cycle, so perhaps I rushed them too much.
Yarlym's Swarthyr Steppes were certainly crisscrossed, but presenting that particular Cadre with other alternatives prevented engagement in the Civil War that might have proved a greater threat to them. Ah, well, the Ninth will have more to chew on after this year's Summer camp entries.
Nordlym's Cryopathian Interior was only tangentially opened by the third Cadre, but the numerous battlefields and civilizations once buried in the permafrost, now revealed by the end of thareSecond Ice Age, is ripe for the gleaning in the Ninth Iteration. So many great stories lie ahead in this soggy, moldy former wasteland...
The Great Blackwater expeditions, planned early in the Grand Arc, never came to fruition, so certainly we can see some new adventures in the Uncharted Territories. I'd say I have plenty of Expanses to explore.   LEADERSHIP - Ephemeral and abstract, the very idea of leadership exposes every person in a story to scrutiny. In what ways do they demonstrate this characteristic, and how does their practice of the necessary skills manifest and cause responses from friends, colleagues, and the others under their command? Thi interpretation will enhance the player experience in your Story, and certainly in mine.
CONNECTIONS to NYCOS: In the Iterations past, the villains always seemed to play Second Fiddle to the exploration aspects, and in the Eighth, it seems they almost completely disappeared behind the drama that the Cadres created on their own pathways. In this Summer Camp, I will bring the Ninth Iteration Rogue's Gallery up to speed, and give the next wave the kinds of Foils that were absent this Cycle.
The Consortium Maritime will rise from the background and the depths to make challenges in particular against the Middle Kingdoms, who have faltered this cyacle. New dangers, new allies will cause the Others to rise again, to attempt to take back Nothingirthright. NOthing like merging an incessant non-living Pirate King with modern Technologist with an ax to grind.
The Penumbral Incursion will afford the Ninth Iteration with a solid backdrop on how the Realms interconnect and demonstrate the lengths the Otherworld Regimes will go to. Nothing like beings who are truly alien to the environment, who desire its overthrow, to pique the interest of players, right?
The Clouded Veils will take the avatars of the Iterations to task for their incongruities, and we will discover what is driving them, and how best to utilize the connections between the Iterations for the first time. Who doesn't want to walk through history, rewriting it to suit your purposes?
  DISCOVERY - Microscoproscopic in nature, Discovery can cover so many different aspects, it is wide open as a theme. Will we be dealing with internal discovery, when Players learn about their own life, skills, backgrounds, etc.? Or will the discovery be about what the Cadre finds on its way across the expanse? Such is the question unanswered. But the answers will be revealed in the prompts, won't they? As in the first two themes for SummerCamp 2022, I want to take a slightly tangential approach and answer new questions about the discovery process overall.
CONNECTIONS to NYCOS: Most adventures are fundamental 'runaway' stories, where the Cadre collectively decides one day to abandon their life at home, and just take off in a seemingly arbitrary direction. With the launch of Ninth Iteration, I want to look at at least three new concepts for starting the Discovery process.
Circumnavigation - Boarding a vessel, waterborne or airborne with the intent of following a route literally around the world sounds exciting, doesn't it? But what about planning, discovering the needed charts, etc.? I have always let the players sort of 'sin eat of the pants' the exploration process, so why not make THEM do the planning?
The Dragon Safari - When the big game can fly, breathe fire, and has six limbs all raring to fight back, a safari hunter has his hands full. Now, what if the hunt is global, with an overpopulation of the terrifying beasts?
Kidnapped! Most of the players in recent years have been twenty-somethings, but what if the story begins at twelve, with a mass kidnapping? Sounds awefull, but worse, what if the kidnappers are Child-catchers from Vulgaria, yah?   MONSTROUS - What an iconic word. Granted, I imagine most WA writers are dedicated to science fiction or fantasy settings, where classic and even historical monsters are almost expected. But the term, monstrous, bears an even broader definition, that allows even dramatic, romantic, or idyllic themes to interact with the Summer Camp. To do otherwise, well, would be monstrous, wouldn't it?
CONNECTIONS to NYCOS: This cycle, I want to explore the darker side of why the bad guys went BAD.
The Crossroads Connection follows the compromise between Realms that opens up the pathways of the Dead to the other realms. How can the Path we all must tread become a thoroughfare for dimensional invasion from Otherwhere?
The Lith-Lisk Wars will explain just why Penumbra has become toxic to the denizens, giving rise to the Dracolisks in the first place, and affords a surreal and gothic look at What Lies Beneath.
Anybody Listening? is one direction I have tried before, but had limited success. The players, deprived of one or more senses, must in a sense, make sense of nonsense. Did you follow that?

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