Trundlespunt, Sheltan Conservancy

Weapons: Short Spear & Sling Magic and Taboos: Transport: None Primary Motivator Rep. Robos Harsfoot Characteristics/Colors Peace, love and parties. Symbols/Totems/Icons Quote: Greetings and Salutations: History: The Humbran are a peace and loving race and normally aren't willing to do much travel. They do not fear death, but rather it holds fascination for them. They know nothing about war. Internal Conflicts Allies and Enemies Primary Occupations Resources: Culture and Customs: Drinking & Mirth Superstitions and Beliefs: They do not fear death. Rituals: Cuisine: Festivals & Holidays: Every day is a party Education and Upbringing: Leisure and Hobbies: Names of Major Cities: Whistler's Hill, Saw's Market, Chancellor's Mound, Fradi's Hole Major points of interest Old Hows, Goldon Bear's Domain, Mid'Dgs Depth, Moromey Movwd
Country: Trundlesput Current Leader: Rep. Mingo Fumbletoe Government: Republic Capital City: Council Grove Races: Elves Religion: Cultural Stance Humbra Volunteers Languages: Elvish Climate: Weather patterns:
Financial, Merchant League


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