Fulcrum, Crucible of Souls

Weapons: Sabers, Cutlasses, Trident and Net Magic and Taboos: Transport: Primary Motivator Characteristics/Colors: Clerics & Fighters Symbols/Totems/Icons: Quote: Greetings and Salutations: History:   Internal Conflicts: Allies and Enemies: Primary Occupations: Resources: Culture and Customs: Superstitions and Beliefs: Rituals: Cuisine: Festivals & Holidays: Education and Upbringing: Leisure and Hobbies: Fencing, Fighting, Murder, Revenge Names of Major Cities: Argyth, Jedismere, Lake Cym, Findcarn Major points of interest Temple of Elemental Evil, Spire of Ane
Capital City: APEX Current Leader: Sea Princes of the Tween Sea Races: Human, Grund, Inandaran Religion: Generic, Viridian, and Caerulean Veils Cultural Stance: Languages: Climate: Weather patterns: Thunderstorms, Whorls of the Maelstrom, Monsoons,
Geopolitical, Principality

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