Barbos. Heptonic Alliance of the Bronzebeard Ichabod


The seas and ocean of Nycos, while part and parcel of the recurrent stories of the Iterations are virtually unexplored by dedicated adventurers, but rather crisscrossed occasionally by the necessity of the Story. Therefore, knowledge about the details has been undisclosed for decades. At this late date, this lost history is revealed with the recovery of one of the few remaining copies of The Legacy of Ichabod Bronzebeard, the seminal work one of only a handful of admitted pirates to be literate. (For some reason, piracy doesn't demand the skill. What a surprise indeed!) Bronzebeard, a domineering and harsh taskmaster, surprisingly wrote with passion and vision, inciting his crew, and those of the vessels he commissioned, to deeds of derring-do that elevated the romantic nature of piracy to legendary levels. Indeed, his development of the Bronzebeard Legacy would eventually afford him one of the rare opportunities for a pirate to retire from the pirating life without serving any appreciable time under imprisonment. he retired to his estate on the Barbosan Coast, overlooking Penza Bay and the city his audacity and vision created. Sadly, he died shortly after that, but not before he finished writing the greatest work on the thrills and adventures of piracy, inserting practical guidance and a surprising depth of insight rarely found in such works.   With the death of the Dreadlord Ichabod Bronzebeard early in the Sixth Iteration, his lieutenants and former brothers-in-arms, known collectively as the Seven Sea Princes faced several difficult decisions. The Dreadlord, despite his ominous moniker, had been particularly careful to harbor good relations between his subordinates, in part to extend his influence within their ranks and in the main to prevent the kind of loathing that superiority can sometimes engender. After a short mourning period, it was feared that a shooting war might arise, particularly in the (barely navigable) Tween Sea Crossings   Setting the stage for the event that may very well have ended with that feared war was Penza's 50th-year celebration. It followed Ichabod's death by only six months, and in that time, the Seven, now calling themselves the Heptonic Alliance, had been posturing and grand-standing their victories at sea, and the levels of audacity seemed to increase with each attack. Carrying forward Bronzebeard's Book of Bylaws - The Heptonic Alliance thereafter were esteemed as the seaborne authority of the Tween Sea, and even was resourced in the now-famous "Laws of the Seas; A Pirate's Legacies", penned by the now-famous Loremaster, Jace Bach of ill-fated Cauldron, near the end of the much-maligned Seventh Iteration.  

Internal Conflicts:

The Seven Princes were often at odds concerning property issues and ransom limits during the feud-like Seaward Wars. In the end, the Pirate Code was devised, and henceforth, all abide by its rules, for the most part,  

Allies and Enemies

For more than three generations, the Seven shared mutual distrust of Ghastoine Sallowforth, the infamous Pasty-Face of the Sixth, and his Ghost Fleet, which to this day is said to haunt the Blackwater. Slightly less ardent is the unity of fear the Seven Princes hold for the Lorelei, a ghostly lady pirate, who has the distinction that she may never set foot on dry land and can only go ashore in the misty rains of autumn and the early days of spring. Finally, the Heptonic Alliance is in direct opposition with the Freedmantles, a disorganized yet agile and effective fleet of privateers operating under banners of the Coastal Coalition, operating out of the Central Ports of Eldrassar in the north, and Tenerif in the south.   Of course, all landed nations who ply the waves fear and distrust the Heptonian Pirates.  

Primary Occupations:

Barbos is a free trade nation, who often require and demand protection of their own against the Freedmantles, another pirate alliance on the seas of Nycos. As their nation, unlike the freehold of the Freedmantles, has sovereignty to contend with, Barbos is surprisingly forthright and protective of their alliances.  


The Interior of Barbos holds wide open lands, of whom few dare to lay claim, for fear of losses to the unstable government. Oddly supported by many of the Maker's Guilds, the sale of product into the gray and black markets thrive and pay even better for the most part than the more orderly and disciplined marketplaces of the world.  
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Culture and Customs:

On the seas, the Seven Princes hold absolute sway. On land, the Barbossans operate as a non-syndicalist commune, with leadership alternating by alphabetic precedence, throughout the twenty-six days of Alphabetical prioritization. whereafter they accede to a two-thirds majority on non-critical topics, but a simple majority for national security matters, save on alternating Reapsdays, in which case a party is required by unanimous acclaim.  

Superstitions and Beliefs:

The landlubbers of Barbos, the primary beneficiaries of the criminal acts of piracy for which Barbos is so feared and respected, believe, literally, that the Sea Princes know of an island where money (Gems, Jewelry, Art and yes, even coins grow.     Rituals:   Festivals & Holidays:        

Leisure and Hobbies:

Races: Mortals, Grundim, Primus,   Religion: Generic, Purpurine, Ruberic, Nihilist Cultural Stance: The Law is considered more of a 'Guideline'   Languages: Low Trades, Yarlym, Grundim, Eldrin Climate: Subtropical     Weather patterns: In summer, the Typhun onshore brings heavy rains and deep fog; in winter. Maelstrom offshore flow dries and heats the already warm zone, bringing on dense humidity and doldrums that can last for days.   The Seven Pirate Princes are now six, as the Lorelei claims Reginald the Bold at the mouth of the Danbrunen in Fulcrum. The Viridian River Queen is said to be extending her claim as far now as South Bergeron. March 3, 2021     Vigo Scarpicio, Third of the Six, has been sighted off Tiym Wrack Cove, near the Western Hool. The wreck of his flagship, Leviathan in the mountains above the tiny coastal town, required the hasty arrival of his fastest ship, the City of Madness. There are circulating rumors that a Keeper has been compromised and that there may yet be another Pirate Prince about to announce himself... but who may that be? March 31, 2021     Rumors of a new Pirate Prince have caused the lesser clans and crews of the pirate fleet to begin to maneuver, to plot and ploy their place in the coming new order. Fears of the Lorelei fade, as the seas, begin to open for trade in new and more adventurous ways. The rumors are spreading that the Maelstrom may have been breached, that the Ways around the Horn of Yarlym have been re-established, and circumnavigation, once a distant memory, seems ever more possible. July 4, 2021     The hopes of a southern passage evaporated today, as the Questor, a coracle out of Selk sank in calm waters within sight of Siwen's Calling. The great Dragon rescued the crew, but could not prevent the vessel from sinking. The crew, fearful but grateful, offered to reward her with treasures rescued from the vessel but after politely asking permission, she ate the captain, since by rights he should have gone down with the ship. (edited) December 12, 2021
The great dragon has made the calling! Likened unto the First and Second Broadcast, the Beckon sounded from Snowlyn's Calling has given pause to the Sea Princes in their coastal outposts, and to the Kael of the Kells, and other rulers of the South. It is not known whether the Tyor' Ra will respond as earlier Iterations would have it, or remain silent as it was in the sixth... December 16, 2021
Illicit, Syndicate
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