Bailywycke, Assorted Shires and Holdings

Weapons: Polearm, Shortsword   Magic and Taboos:     Transport:   Primary Motivator:   Characteristics/Colors: All/Fighters   Symbols/Totems/Icons:     Quote:     Greetings and Salutations:     History: A forgotten kingdom. Never fell to the weirding nor the ensuing chaos. As such, it is the oldest monarchy on Nycos.   Also, one of the most boring places to live.   Internal Conflicts: Allies and Enemies   Primary Occupations:     Resources:     Culture and Customs:     Superstitions and Beliefs:     Rituals:     Cuisine:     Festivals & Holidays:     Education and Upbringing:     Leisure and Hobbies:
Government: Monarchy   Races:   Human, Mountain Dwarf   Religion: Cultural Stance: Lundoran Guard   Languages: All   Climate:     Weather patterns:
Geopolitical, Barony


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