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NYC: Behind the Veil

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Welcome to New York City


The city that you don't see.

You think you know New York City. It's a bustling mecca of people and energy, lights and sounds, glamour and grit. A perpetually in motion metropolis with an ever changing landscape of broken and rebuilt dreams. A city that is the famed center of shopping, commerce, education and finance with something for everyone. You're right.

You're also wrong.

Beneath all of that New York City is something more. Visible only to those who know where to look is an unseen world. A world of filled with arcane magics spun effortlessly by those having the gift, where private thoughts are gleaned by innocuous strangers, and things really do go bump in the night. In this place when the sun sets vampires rise from the shadows to revel in the beauty of the night and feed upon the unsuspecting. And as the moon rises full and high and bright in the sky, a howl can be heard in the distance and a growling from the deepest shadows of Central Park.

This is New York City: Behind The Veil. Step beyond it if you dare.