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Desert of Viyeane

Desert of Viyeane is the home of Viyeane, The Sand. Originally the Forest of Doom, Viyeane has transformed the lands to suit her research as The Sand. Right in the middle of the desert is a 10-meter tall tower where her magic is radiating from. Any creature not blessed by The Sand that enters 30-feet within the tower will wilt and wither away by the extreme aridness of the tower.   Villagers dub the desert as "Red-nosed Desert" and "Blackpit Desert" because of the large amount of Red-nosed Bull and Blackpit Mantis that resides in the area. The Seilvien Guard are mostly responsible for protecting those outside of the desert from creatures inside the desert.   Other notable figures that live in the area:
  • Sanchi, Snake of Sand
  • Abmi Sozan, leader of the Goron Bandits
  • Lord Arachi Se'v Enyope, Guardian of Secrets Alpha


The Desert of Viyeane are laden with sand dunes that seems to move like the waves. The desert spans around 50 km in diameter and seems to be growing in a radial pattern, seemingly drying out the surrounding area through some strange magic. In the middle reside the house of Viyeane, The Sand, that absorbs the moisture from the lands around it.

Fauna & Flora

The only plant that survive in this area is the Ember Orchid, an orchid variant that was originally planted by Viyeane itself for medical purposes. All sort of creatures lives in the desert, mostly those that was affected by the drying out of the surrounding land. Some creature of notes would be the Blackpit Mantis, Gengore, Brown Apik Hawk, and the Red-nosed Bull.

Natural Resources

As the domain of Viyeane, she mostly collect Ember Orchid for an unorthodox method for creating Kestra.   Other material that can be taken from the desert include the meat of the Red-nosed Bull and the poison from the Blackpit Mantis.
Alternative Name(s)
Red-nosed Desert or Blackpit Desert
Owning Organization

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Articles under Desert of Viyeane

Cover image: Ruins in the Desert by Raphael Lacoste


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