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White Worg Tribe

Hailing from the frozen Granite Lands, far in the north, the White Worgs are characterized by their resilience, pragmatism and courage. The rest of the half-orcs esteem them for their never-ending fight against the elements, and their life philosophy.   However, there have been quarrels and conflicts between this tribe and the rest. The White Worg pragmatism had made this people attack many times their race counterparts from the south. When the snow covers the forests and steppes of the north, and there's not enough food to feed the White Worgs' children... if doesn't matter if it is orc, human or half-orc: if it has food, it must be raided. The survival is above everything for the White Worgs.


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

IN THE PAIN, THERE ARE NO SIDES   The White Worgs are expert survivalists. For them, things like civilization or obedience little matter when the blizzard calls to the door of your wigwam. They will always fight with honor, but they won't do it under the rule of anyone: for them, survival comes first.   Tribal tradition rules: White Worg characters will always refuse to follow the orders of anyone if he, she or one of the members of his or her party has a number of Hit Points below 5. It also works if the character is dead or near-death. Accepting orders that can make this character or any other of the characters of the party survive won't be considered a violation of this Tradition. However, accepting orders that doesn't help the character to survive will be considered a violation. Thus, the character will risk to become tainted.
Subracial traits:   Cold hearts: you can apply your Proficency Bonus in Saving Throws against cold. If you can already apply it, just double it. The White Worgs are more than adapted to the frozen climate of their region, ravaged by the polar wind that flows from the Cruel Desert and its glaciers.
Encompassed species

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