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The Creative One, The Earth God (a.k.a. The Great Master)

The ins and outs of craftmanship, the knowledge about the world, the secrets of magic, the power of the glyphs... anything that requires study and practice is under the domain of Viracocha. His followers believe he instructed every one of the first artisans, wizards and sages. As an inspirational force for the world, he is a central figure in the dwarven pantheon, who consider him a father and a master: the First and Greatest of Masters. However, worshipers of Viracocha can be found in other races, particularly between those who value learning and knowledge. Given that, it's no surpirse that he was the patron deity of Tulacan, the City of the Wise Tribe. There, he is represented in every column and temple, as a giant with great firey eyes, snakes as hair, and holding two equal staffs. This is because his totem animal is the snake, and his favored weapon is the staff.

Divine Domains

Knowledge Domain and Nature Domain   Viracocha is the patron god of scholars, artisans and keepers of knowledge, from the writen one to the oral one. That's why dwarves see him as something like a father. Earth is also his domain, since he shaped the continents, and know the secrets of minerals, metals and gems.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The figure of a man with great round eyes, holding two equal staffs, and with snakes as its hair and clothing.

Tenets of Faith

THOU SHALT NOT REFUSE TO DISCOVER   Viracocha's followers don't fear their own curiosity: for them, it is their most powerful weapon. Either investigating ruins from the past or the ways of the elements, Viracocha's followers never cease in their will to push further.   Commandement rules: characters who worship Viracocha would always want to know more. They will try to repeat failed rolls in Arcana, Insight, Investigation or Perception whenever posible. All Viracocha followers are also proficen in at least one of the Intelligence-based skills (Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature and Religion). Not doing any of this prerrogatives will be considered a violation of this Commandment and the character will risk to become Tainted.


The Festivity of the War   Viracocha told humans who to craft the stone, the bone and the wood of the tree in the shape of weapons and armor, so, its also patron of all armorers. In the first day of the Kaan month (the month of the Snake) this festivity is held in honor of Viracocha and in honor of all people whose job needs Viracocha's most glorious and fearsome invention: weaponry. Thus, on this day, craftsmen and soldiers march by the great avenues of the Naacal Empire and by the great temples of dwarven cities, with their full attire, and showing its best posesions with pride.

Divine Classification
True Neutral, God of the Mountains

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