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The Great Dream

Since the dawn of the world, the sages and shamans of Nurna pondered: is there a way to deal with the Dark One's influence? Since those ancient times, races had to live with fear to its power, and with no tools to work against it. But then, some of those sages and shamans discovered the Great Dream, and everything changed.


The Great Dream, like the Great Dark One or all things in Nurna, is nothing but a part of the Great Spirit itself, but more pure than the material world, for it is the dreams that the Great Spirit had and still has, through the dreams of all living creatures. So to speak, the Great Dream is the collective consciousness shared by all living creatures in Nurna. Inside this collective mind, all of their dreams, fears and traditions can move and take physical form. It is inside the Great Dream where gods inhabit, and where it dwells magic, the physical manifestation of the Great Dream in the world.   Shamans, priests, oracles, sorcerers and wizards can see it, feel it, they can communicate with the Great Dream, and mold it so it manifests in the world. Those manifestations can appear in the form of miracles, strange transmutations or chimerical creatures.

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