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The Courageous One, The Sun God (a.k.a. Ra)

Sometimes called "Ra", it has been considered the head of the Naacal pantheon since the time of Aztlan. For its followers, he is the very sun itself, and he watches everyone's deeds and bravery from the sky. Tama-Nui-Te-Ra awaits gallantry from each of its followers the same way he faces darkness every dawn. His totem animal is the hawk, and his favored weapon is the long macahuitl.

Divine Domains

Light Domain and War Domain   Tama-Nui-Te-Ra rules over the sun, and anything courageous, like heroic deeds. Is the patron deity of the Naacal kings, since the times when those were the chieftains of the Ra-Nui Tribe, the Tribe of the Sun. Nowadays, it can be considered one of the patron deities of the human race.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The drawing of a eight-pointed, orange sun, sometimes with a hawk on it.

Tenets of Faith

THOU SHALT NOT RETREAT   The people who worship Tama-Nui-Te-Ra ignores advice and always look to prove themselves. For them, cowardice is the greatest sin, thus they always run to all dangers they find, expecting glory.   Commandment rules: a character who worships Tama-Nui-Te-Ra will always try to attack its enemies whenever he or she can, and will always discard the most "pacific" and "safer" solutions. Not doing so will be considered a violation of the Commadment and the character will risk become Tainted.


The King's Festivity   The King's Festivity is celebrated in the Naacal Empire the first day of the month of Hulchi'ik, the month of the Hawk. On this day, a great celebration is held in honor of the actual Tlatoani, emperor of the Naacal Empire. City mayors and village chieftains also host parties in their respective lands.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good, God of the Sun

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