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Nurn races overview

Each race in Nurna is known by the name of "People", and each People is divided into several Tribes, with their different Traditions, gods and their own ways to survive in the untamed world of Nurna. All the People together are known as the Thinkers, since they are the only creatures that can think about Traditions. Maybe goblins and lizards can carve stone and speak, but they lack Traditions and Commandments, so they act by the will of their instincts, which might be the will of the Dark One.

In the game:   At the beginning of the game each player can become a character of this basic five races:   Human   Elf   Half-elf   Dwarf   Half-orc   Halfling   Gnome (which are called Nunnehi in Nurna)   They keep all of the racial traits shown in the book unless something different is stated.   Once the player has chosen its race, it will obtain a Tradition, and it can choose a Tribe (it works like Subraces), which may grant the player some extra features, and perhaps a second Tradition. The chosen Tribe in the creation phase cannot be changed, although the player can choose whether to follow or not to follow the Traditions of its own Tribe and Race (at the risk of become Tainted.).

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