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The Free One, Goddess of the Vegetation (a.k.a. She-Who-Stands-On-The-Trees)

The Little Lady, the Childish Queen, She-Who-Stands-On-The-Trees... Nunnehi claim that Nujalik was their queen when they were still living in the Great Dream, and it was her who exiled them. Whether this tale is true, or not, everyone who worship forests or freedom knows Nujalik just as the Nunnehi do. For Nujalik's followers civilization and society is a corruptive forvce, and childhood's innocence is the very representation of the freedom they seek. They want to be like untamed children, just as her goddess. Her totem is the tree (sometimes represented through its leaves, branches or even its roots) and her favored weapon is the starknife.

Divine Domains

Nature Domain and Trickery Domain   Patron goddess of the Nunnehi, Nujalik rules over all the vegetation and over all the freedom and innocence of the world. Safe havens are dedicated to her, as well as lost groves and glades.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A tree with its branches forming the shape of a seven-pointed star.

Tenets of Faith

THOU SHALT NOT REFUSE TO SEEK   For Nujalik's followers, the coward without curiosity are like the hunter who is afraid of following a trail to its food. For them, people who live between the walls of the cities, safe from exploration, are the unhappiest people in the world. For them, no obstacle should stop someone from cultivate its curiosity.   Commandment rules: character who worship Nujalik will always explore the unexplored, no matter if it is tunnels, trails or places.   They prepare daily for exploration, thus in order to worship Nujalik, you need to be proficen in the Survival skill.   Not doing any of the above will be considered a violation of the Commandment and the chracter will risk become Tainted.


The Children's Festival   This festivity is celebrated the first day of the Cheh month, the month of the Tree. On this day, children and newborns from all the Naacal Empire are taken to the temples for their first time, in order to be blessed with a safe and healthy childhood. Nunnehi see this festivity quite awry from Nujalik's philosophy, but the presence of children attracts somehow the attention from all kind of childish spirits and fairies.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral, Goddess of the Vegetation

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