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The Veracious One, The Ocean God (a.k.a. The Killer Whale)

The sea and its strength. The sea and its liveliness. The sea and its power to clean anything in a single hit. All of this are features of Kanaloa, Lord of the Ocean. Worshiped by halflings, Kanaloa is seen between the Ocean People as a fatherly god, but he is respected and feared too, just as his element. He takes care of those who are sincere and brave, but he has no mercy with those who aren't pure and true in their hearts. Kanaloa represents truth in the world the same way he represents the water bodies. To be a liar, is to be unworthy of the sea, and the sea eats what is unworthy. As the patron god of seafarers and fishermen, he is represented in harpoons, hooks and sea vessels, by the craving of sea animals on these elements. Of all of his totem animals, the killer whale and the octopus are his favourites, with the ranseur as his favored weapon.

Divine Domains

Nature Domain and Tempest Domain   Kanaloa is the lord of the seas and marine life, but he also represents the power of the truth, which can be deep, and can be cold, just as the oceans. All of this makes him the patron god of the halflings, a People bound to the sea and with a tendency to be sincere, even in those moments when maybe they've should had their mouths shut.

Tenets of Faith

THOU SHALT NOT LIE   For Kanaloa, truth and sincerity is what demonstrates purity of heart. Those who doesn't lie, doesn't need to lie; and those who follow Kanaloa never tell lies. For them it is an impure and evil act, and those who do it are in danger of being swallowed by the waters.   Commadment rules: characters who worship Kanaloa won't lie, and won't never choose to have Proficency in the Deception skill, nor use it. Lying or doing Deception checks will be considered violations of this Commadment and the character will risk become Tainted.


The Festivity of the Peace   In the Naacal Empire, the first day of the Nojkay month (the month of the Killer Whale), the arrival from Aztlan is celebrated, under the name of Peace's Festivity. On this day, nobody goes to work, nor does anything that requires effort. It represents the long rest that Aztlani people had the moment they arrived to Nurna's coasts, sailing from their sunken continent. Since Kanaloa allowed a safe trip throught the Violent Ocean for the crew of the Eigth Vessels, this day is dedicated to him.

Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral, God of the Ocean

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