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Hiva Tribe

North of the Tableland there is a large vertical drop, like an artificial wall, full of waterfalls and fossils, which goes from east to west. It is the Old Wall, a spectacular formation done by ancient Destruction events. The Naacal Tribe has been using this geographic feature as a natural defense for centuries, which prevents the Tableland from northern invasions by Elven tribes and Half-orcish clans. From there, north of the Old Wall, no Naacal live. However the Hiva do.   Even though they are descendants from Aztlani people (like the Naacal), the Hiva live between Elves and Orcs, rejecting civilization and all of its "corruptive forces." Thus, they are born survivors, but they move poorly in civilized environments.


Major language groups and dialects

Hiva have a rich and lyrical language, but it has no written form at all. Some Naacal scholars had tried to write down some of their myth sagas and poems but they refuse to "see the soul of their words trapped in paper".   More information on languages can be found here

Shared customary codes and values

THOU SHALT NOT ACCEPT THE WRITTEN WORD   The Hiva Tribe hates writing: they see it as a weak practice, and too similar to witchcraft. For them, oral culture is the only way of transmission that carries truth within it, and it is oral word the only one that reflects the power of the Great Spirit.   Tribal Tradition rules: Hiva characters will never learn to write or read any language, no matter if it is during their creation phase or later. If they try to do so, they will risk to become Tainted.

Subrace traits:   Survivalists: Hiva characters are proficient in one of these: Nature or Survival
Encompassed species

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