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Coyote Worg Tribe

Half-orcs are creatures accustomed to the deserts and steppes. However, not all the orcs are as accustomed to the harshness of the sun an the drought of the desert as the Coyote Worgs are.   Rude, but also with an strange sense of humour, they have never been good friends of the other tribes. Sucessive wars had moved them from the lush prairies of the Great Plain to the dead expanses of the No-Sea and the dry pasturelands of the Painted Plateau. This "exile" still makes the Coyote Worg feel "despised" by their counterparts, so many of them thave turn to their human side, and started to collaborate with human tribes. They serve as hirelings and allies for many villages, but they always do it as if they were going to leave anytime. They prefer the freedom of the open rocky deserts, which won't betray them. But they always come back to civilization for more, for they love it, just as much as they love to mock the old customs of the orcs. For the Coyote Worgs, orcs were just... too boring. This only help to enfuriate even more the rest of half-orcish tribes, so every time the Coyote Worgs cross paths with the rest of the tribes the tension can be felt in the air. And the Coyote Worgs can only smile and expect to flee without a bruise or two.


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

MOCK THOSE WHO DESPISE US   The Coyote Worgs feel displaced by their brothers, but they have learn to smile about it and let it go. They had find new friends in whose they can deposit their trust. Truth is, they won't do anything of bad taste like, collaborating with an elf or a gobelin, but they always find something special about leaving their orc roots behind and living with humans. When the dry season is in the air, many Coyote Worgs walk near Naacal and Hiva villages, instead of going to the great meetings of half-orcs in the steppes.   Tribal tradition rules: Coyote Worg characters will always refuse to have any dealing with another half-orc character or non-playing character that is not part of the Coyote Worg Tribe. If they are, however, forced to do so, they will always roll Deception in order to confuse it, bluff about anything or even make the orc angry with jokes. One Deception roll by character half-orc character involved is considered enough in order to respect this tradition. Not making enough rolls, or not making rolls at all, will be considered a violation of this tradition and the character will risk to become tainted.
Subracial traits:   Hearts of the desert: you can apply your Proficency bonus to Saving Throws against heat. If you can already apply it, just double it.
Encompassed species

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