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The Devoted One, The Thunder God (a.k.a. The Great Worg)

The Great Worg, the Stone Hammer, the Eye of the Thunder... many are the names under which Chaak is know, but everyone knows his dominions: he's the lord of the storms, the thunder and the lightning, the winter blizzard and the prairie's breeze. Chaak is a warrior god, strong and fearsome, but he's also the protector of tribal alliances and oaths: vows made under his watch shall never be broken, or then the fury of the god shall rain with lightning fury on the back of whoever broke the oath. He is represented sometimes as a worg, while other times he appears as a giant being with lightning eyes, equipped with a bone hammer (just by how it looks his statue at the Main Temple of Eannacan, City of the Properous Land Tribe). He's worshipped between the tribes of half-orcs, but he's also known between all races who fear storms and hate treason. His totem animal is the worg (the giant wolves of the Ronurna) and his favored weapon is the hammer.

Divine Domains

Tempest Domain and War Domain   Chaak is the powerful warrior of the sky, who creates thunder and storms, and is the watchful elder who watches over any alliance, oath, covenant or promise. His was the patron god of the orcs, and so he is now for the half-orcs

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The head of a wolf-like creature with a thunder crossing its eye

Tenets of Faith

THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT TREASON, NEITHER BREAK ANY ALLIANCE   Chaak's followers never took their words lightly: if an oath is taken, better respect it or die. For them, traitors only deserve to be hunted like animals.   Commandment rules: a character who worships Chaak will always try to fulfill anything it says, even if the risk is deadly high. Of course, it won't participate in contracts or alliances it knows that can't be done, but if it does participate in those, it will carry on them whatever the cost. Not doing so will be considered a violation of the Commadment and the character will risk become Tainted.


Friend's Festivity   On this day, in the first day of the Nojpeekh month (the month of the Worg), people rejoice their friendship. Friends, allies and colleagues meet at the house of one of them (changing each year) and then solemn rites and great parties are held in honor of their bonds and the spirits that watches over them.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good, God of the Thunder

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