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Black Worg Tribe

While the Grey Worgs run through the open fields, the Black Worgs prefer the mountain cliffs and the dark forests. They are more reclusive than other half-orcs, and their traditions are the rarest between their people.   The name of the tribe came from their favorite mounts, the black worgs of the Wall Mountains. Of all worgs, these are the hardest to tame, so many of the orcs refuse to ride their backs and let them live "with their backs free", as a sign of respect. This "riderless" worgs are used for tracking and war, and live between the half-orcs like another member of the tribe.   Living without mounts is what had made sedentary this tribe, whose people prefer to live deep in the forest, instead of hunting herds in the plains. They learn to respect strength since their are born, so they always show reverence before anything that surpass their abilities. However, do not think it is easy to surpass a Black Worg: they are expert survivalist between their people.


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

THOU SHALT RESPECT THE STRENGTH   The Black Worgs not only honor the strength of their mounts, but of anything that shows courage and bravery. They often indult those enemies that achieve to surprise them in combat. And sometimes (and only sometimes), they declare themselves defeated before ending the combat if they are amazed enough by an epic display of strength of their rivals. But it isn't quite easy to achieve that.   Tribal tradition rules: a Black Worg character will declare an enemy "respected" if this enemy inflicts a critic, and the resulting damage is higher or equal to 10 plus the half-orc level. The half-orc character hasn't to be the objective of this damage, however he or she must see it in order to follow these rules. After the declaration of "respect", the Black Worg character won't attack that "respeced" enemy unless the character himself or herself is in danger and attacking it is the only way to avoid death.   If, in the same combat, another enemy scores another critic, and it deals an amount of damage higher than the one who triggered this Tradition, the Black Worg character will pass the status of "respected enemy" from the previous enemy to the new one, and he or she would attack again the previosuly respected enemy, like under normal conditions.   Attacking a "respected" enemy will be considered a violation of this tradition. Furthermore, if a critic is hit by an enemy and the character forgets to check if its in the range that makes an enemy "respected" will be also considered a violation of this tradition. Thus, in both cases the character will risk to become Tainted.
Subracial traits:   Expert survivalists: You can choose to replace the proficency bonus in the Handle Animal skill from the Nurn half-orcs traits to Proficency in Survival. Maybe many of the had become "foot people", but no one doubts that the Black Worgs know about how to survive to the harsh woods and mountains they call home.
Encompassed species

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