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The Hopeful One, The Fire God

Little brother of Tama-Nui-Te-Ra, Ahkin is the god that rules over the moments of transition: he is the morning star of the sunrise, and the orange skies of the sunset. He is in every door, and every pass, since he is the one who watches over the pass from this life to that beyond death, deep in the deepest parts of the Great Dream. He is understood as a fire god, since he rules over the act of burning the dead, but his followers don't worship him under any particular form: they "feel" him in lintels, twilight hours, the central hearth of a house or the hope that you need in order to take great changes in your life. In his temples, candles and hearths are always burning, guarded by his monks and priests, watching that souls find rest and they don't come back to torment the living. He has no totem animal besides the home hearth, and his favored weapon is the spear, since it can be used to stir and pierce souls just as you can stir up embers with a poker.

Divine Domains

Life Domain, Light Domain   Ahkin is the god of liminal spaces, transitions and funeral pyres. He rules over sunrise and sunset, when his brother and his sister-in-law change places in their surveillance of the world. Tha act of having hope, whether it is for a better life, or for a peaceful rest in the other world are part of him, just like the light from a new day, the fire of a new home or the pyre of a loved one who departed from the world of the living.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A semicircle with spikes that represents a sunset, with the spikes that represent the halo of the sun forming the shape of a bonfire.

Tenets of Faith

THE DEAD SHALL REST. THOU SHALT TRESPASS LIMITS CAREFULLY   Ahkin care and respect any place where a transition is made. They could look superstitious, and they really are: they always try to enter places with its right foot, they never place a mirror opposite to a door, and they never blow out a candle without praying. All of this are prescriptions from Ahkin himself, who watches that the souls of the living don't mix up with the souls of the dead.   Commandment rules: characters who worship Ahkin will always be the last ones to enter in a room of their all party. Also, clerics that worship Ahkin will always try to use their Destroy Undead every turn they fight undead creatures. Not doing any of these prerrogatives will be considered a violation of the commadment and the character will risk become Tainted.   During character creation a character must adquire Proficency in Arcana or Perception in order to worship this god


The Festivity of the Vigil   This celebration is held the first day of the Kajanam month, the month of the Vigilant. On this day people lit up bonfires and stay up all the night, making noise and dancing, in order to keep spirits away from the world. Is one of the oldest religious festivities in Nurna. And its shared between all races.

Divine Classification
Lawful Good, God of the Fire

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