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In the world of Nurn, between the isles of Alypos and the snow covered plains of Krynn, lies the multi-cultural mainland of Avalon. Because Avalon is the centre of all these continents, Avalon boasts a plethora of different races and is a huge asset to trade. This attracts bandits and thugs seeking coin, but they are kept in check by the rulers of the Crimsonian Empire, forcing them into hideaway. The several cultures residing in Avalon causes there to be no culture of its own. Despite this, the Crimsonian Empire regulates what gods can be worshipped and heavily punishes those who do not comply. The Crimsonian Empire also keeps an eye on outsiders and of more exotic races, mainly Tieflings, Aasimar and Lizardfolk. This is because they are thought to be untrustworthy as they often herald from the treacherous lands of Sforzas in the East, that in the past have had a negative relationship with the Crimsonian Empire. In Nurn, there is also a great deal of adventure to be had. Interspersed in Nurn's lands are ancient kingdoms, elven enclaves and small populations of halflings and gnomes. Additionally, there is more to Nurn than its surface, across the lands are great evils, whether it be necromancers in rural caves exercising horrifying rituals, dragons roaming around assimilating villages in their wake or even worse that are not even from this realm.

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The Fallen Ones

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