Nuphon Wudis

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Welcome to the latest game from DRICE!

  This game is going to be similar to those we've done before - games like New Age, Deorum, Westeros - but also different. Those of you who are familiar with our brand of nation building, character oriented games will recognize our various systems (e.g. Economy, Battles & Military, Trade, Buildings, etc.). There will be new editions as well, which we're looking forward to showing you! One that we're very excited about is the introduction of magic. Oooo, aaahh. We're also using Pathfinder's kingdom building system to help simplify some of the things that have been a little complicated in the past.   The main difference with Nuphon Wudis though lies in the story. We are bringing you a world that is filled with less mystery and more detail. We have made a custom map of our very own and outlined the histories of the nations that existed in this world leading up to the time that you all are beginning. This means you will be able to read the texts as if you were reading a history book. It'll explain the world, its geography, its beginning, the ethnicities and how they came to be, the rise and fall of empires, and ultimately the dark magic that brought destruction upon the world. What this means for you is that your initial background will be related to this preconceived history. Gods, cultures, locations will be available for your choosing all with some manner of customization. It does mean that there will be less of a blank slate to work from, but the opportunities for making it your own are there all the same.   Hope you enjoy!