The Holy Maginatus Church

In the year 653 Common in the town of Briton, outside the city reach of Ishem, a group of mages gathered in a store room and discussed a shared belief they have. One removes the Cisdomi, the journal of the Elder Mage Kres of Mire, and they comb through the almost memorized text and find a passage written there.  

"The man I found was bleeding from his stomach, as his insides attempted to escape the multiple dagger cuts that were placed randomly about. I poured my energy into him and willed the wounds to close. It took some time, but they did so and I moved onto the next to continue the work I was sent to do."
  That passage was one which many had studied over the years. Kres of Mire was suggesting, claiming, that he had been able to heal a man with a gut wound. Written back in the mid-300's and having been passed down to mage after mage as a source of knowledge, hundreds had attempted to recreate this magic. None so far have been successful. In fact, no mage has ever been able to heal another being, save themselves. Rumor about savages to the south who could heal on command and in rapid pace were spreading, but even those stories never suggested anyone could heal something besides themselves. So how could he?   Many believed it to be a mistake or that Kres was simply using his mundane knowledge as a healing man. Few believed it was a sign that Kres was something more than them.   This particular group talked more about this passage, and others, that suggested the 1st Mage was something more than they were. They offered explanations that the others shot down and attempted to bring new meaning to the passages. But when they exhausted their attempts, they looked through the book once more and landed on the passage which became the foundation of what would become the Maginatus Church.  
"I've seen much in this world, pain and suffering as well as happiness and joy, but through all my journeys nothing has shaken my belief that it is the duty of the strong to lead the weak, to guide them as a Shepard leads the sheep of his flock. For without leadership and protection, the sheep will scatter or fall prey to beasts and all that will be is pain and death."
  A jolt of realization struck all 8 of those men that night, Kres of Mire was telling them the answer. He was the strong, something far beyond themselves and far above, sent to lead the weak and protect them. But with him gone it was left to his followers, his students to lead in his stead. And thus the followers of Kres of Mire, the Paragons of what would become the Holy Church of the Empire, spread across the lands.   The years would twist the organization and transform it into a faith. That faith would go on to be the cause of the Mage Wars that tore the Cities of Merdan apart and set the lands aflame. When the refguees made it to Nidus the faith went with them, setting up in New Briton and lending their aid to the Lords of that city. Together, with the shared belief that the guiding hand of the strong could build something greater than the whole of Merdan, they built the Empire of Britannia and placed the Holy Maginatus Church at its center.   Before the fall, there were arguments in every tavern as to the legitimacy of the Church. Some said it preached protection of those who could not protect themselves and a way of life wherein everyone contributed. Others said it was merely a tool of the nobles to keep people in line. Regardless of what the Church became, it is clear what it did in that it helped create one of the largest empires mankind ever saw.

Tenets of Faith

The Commands of the Divine, Cisdomi Ver. XII 932C

I. The strong shall guide the Weak and protect them under their fold.

II. The Weak shall adhere the strong.

III. The Paragons are the chosen of the Divine and are his voice on the Mundane plan.

IV. The Weak shall inherit the boons of the earth, reaping four times the work they place into it.

V. The Weak shall be tended and loved, for it is they the strong sacrifice for and it is they who are the most precious.

VI. All those who seek to take from the Weak shall be battled by the strong and destroyed.

VII. Each shall do their part, and by doing so shall raise the Weak up so that they may become strong and take up the burden of protector.

It is the Duty of the Strong to Lead the Weak

Founding Date
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Faith, Followers of Kresimire, the Church
Permeated Organizations

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