The Dwarven Saga

History of the Dwarven people around Edora and beyond.

  • 25000 BC

    20000 BC

    Durin Walks
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The war of the dragons sunders Durin's mountain apart, sinking it into the sea. The titan walk from the sea onto the surface of Edora, decimating and laying to ruins anything in his path. He finally stops in Mirror-Mere, deep in the Amadel Mountains, where he plants the first Dwarves into the core of the realm and leaves west, splitting the mountain range in two.

    Amadel Mountains
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  • 740 BC

    30 Erlspri

    The Rogue Verse Is Sang
    Artistic creation

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  • 1103 AC

    22 Midwin

    Annihilation of Shadaris
    Military action

    Miners from Dam Tarihr accidentally tunnel into a temple in the city of Shadaris, causing it to collapse. The miners are then almost immediately linched by an angry mob, despite requests of their Matron Mother to only capture them for a trial. As retaliation, the Kingdom of Dam Tarihr mobilizes 2 of its mechanicas and send them towards the city who meet heavy resistance as soon as they arrive at the city's gates. Shadaris is then completely destroyed in a short skirmish lasting under 5 hours.

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  • 1568 AC

    3 Erlsum 19:00
    1568 AC

    3 Erlsum 19:00

    The Truth
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    We all just half stood, half floated there in front of these four, gargantuan creatures. If these were the gods, than may the wheel itself have mercy on us. Decay is the only word I can use to aptly describe what I saw, and even that, will not suffice. They are bounded and shackled like the lowest of slave to the wheel itself. Impaled and wounded, these creatures suffer perhaps the slowest, most gruesome death I have ever witnessed. I now know I am not alone in my feelings. There are other, much more terrible things out there. We sensed them, felt them and they felt us. Our Queen came to collect her dues, at first I wished her to take me too, then I didn't, then I was afraid, so afraid. The kettle was whistling when I got back to the break room.
    — Dr. Tolivardi Morvinari, coroner, BASM, vanished in front of his colleagues.
    For 3.14 seconds, the entire magical and divine population of the prime material realm is ejected out of the great wheel.   Upon their return, most of those affected have repeat the same vague testimony when questioned: They've been transported in body and mind to somewhere else. While in there, they saw the entirety of the percivable wheel. Outside of these consistencies, there seem to be little in common regarding the rest of the experience. Some reports include any number and kind of deities, otherwordly creatures and even devils. Most schollars have atrributed these sightings as visions, created by the mind in vague attempt to grasp the structure and nature of the wheel.   According to official counts in the Free Cities and in Vexia, only 7 out of every 10 mortals who vanished have managed to return back to the Prime Material. The fate of those missing remains unknown.   The event, dubbed as 'The Truth' by the Fellowship of The Ponderer, who belive the dormant wizard to be the main cause, as was with the Infernal Storm. The Truth have proved crucial in the understanding of teleportaion, navigation and general understanding of the Astral Plane and the behavior of the Outer Planes.

  • 1568 AC

    3 Erlsum 20:00

    The Maw opens
    Disaster / Destruction

    Precisely one hour after The Truth, and seamingly without warning, sinkholes began to collapse all around Edora. These collapses came with great violence, shaking the enitre continent with intense earthquakes.   Strong whirlpools formed in the affected coastal areas, sucking everything around them. Further inland, gargantuan holes swallowed entire districts and even some small towns.

    The Maw
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